Useless information which nonetheless, you want to hear....

"Eduardo Hernandez, the trombonist for the Mad Caddies, is currently
holding a temporary job as a psychic reader for one of those 1-900
numbers. He reads off a little cheat sheet and tells people what they
want to hear. What a guy!"

"While passing the time between tours, Chuck has decided to take a
job at a local SB club as a security guard! Chuck has seen the fun
security guards have at shows (bashing heads and throwing small,
defenseless kids out of clubs) and decided he'd like to get in on the
action! Best of luck to him and watch out if you're getting rowdy on
a friday at The Yucatan... "

Carter owns some kind of business. I'm not sure what kind it is yet...I'll check it out some more.

When Ivy League did "My Girlfriend" back in the day, the chorus went like this...."my girlfriend lives in Washington" instead of "my girlfriend lives inside my head."

Do you know why their EP was called The Holiday Has Been Canceled ? Here's their answer

"Cause of last Canadian tour we did. We rented these motorhomes, we're travelling there. This company, Cruise America, is just shitty. The generator broke and it was winter so we had no lights, no power or everything for 2 weeks. We finally went to the office to get it fixed. They looked inside and it was trash, because we had no light or power. They were like: "Sorry sir, but the holiday has been cancelled". They took the keys! They looked if they'd gonna let us stay in Canada. So we're like, hey man, do you want us to get a laywer. We get him on the phone right now, because it was totally a violation of anything decent. Then they changed their attitude, fixed it and let us go. "

Here's their full names if you're dumb....

Chuck Robertson
Sascha Lazor
Eduardo Hernandez
Keith Douglas
Carter Benson
Mark Iversen
Daniel "Boz" Rivera
Derrick Plourde: who did work on RTP and is in Sweet Action

the picture of the belltower on the home page is actually the leaning tower of piza. i dont know if thats how you spell it but oh well...i was using publisher and it's graphics suck ass as much as corel draws. even tho cor draw is my fave..

Here's why Todd left the band.

"The reason we got a new drummer is because, well, you can here a difference from our first album to our second album right? Our last drummer was just an all out ska fan and all he wanted to do was play that kind of music. He was totally into two tone and he wanted the band to wear suits and we were like 'hey, that's not us.' Basically he said "fuck you guys I'm getting in a band that is going to play traditional ska and sport the suits." He just wanted to stay true to the roots, which isn't bad. It's just not the Mad Caddies, ya know."

the old sax player's name was Nick Stofel

Did you know that Sascha plays banjo in I'm Destroying The World by Guttermouth? Or that Ed plays trombone in The Decline?

My best friend, Goose, wrote an essay on the caddies for his 5th english class in grade 12. If you wanna read it or copy it or use it to get an amazing grade in school and launch your career into mad-money mode, here it is.. essay

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