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March 23, 2003
Yo ! Long time no Spanky....So, I just saw the caddies twice!! Once in Ottawa and once in Montréal. Fack, they put on the best live show I think I've seen up to this point. At least as far as Caddies shows go. They even had an intro which was WAY cool. I took tons of pictures in Ottawa, so I will get those up as soon as I can get the rest of the roll shot off. I am an idiot. I didn't bring my camera to the Montréal show. As we were leaving my friend's apartment, I decided not to bring it, thinkin it would suck to carry it around after the show. I wouldn't have minded it at all, BUT we were supposed to meet the Cads at a place called Bifteck. We talked to Sascha outside after the show in Ottawa, and he said they usually go to Bifteck after Montréal shows. SO, we went there but no Caddies :( I think I know where they went actually. Right next door !!!! We walked about 20 mins to where they were supposed to come. We ended up pounding a bunch back, and had a fun night. So, on to what Sascha said. Yes, there will be a Live in a Dive coming. They recorded it in Toronto at The Opera House. Should be pretty sweet. He also said they will be doin a small tour this summer, not sure where, but after that is finished up, they will be headin' back to sit down and write some new stuff for us!!!!!! SWEEET ! How good is life now ?!!? It just got much better. Anywho, sorry to not update forever. I'm gonna post my pictures from the Ottawa show soon. I'll let ya know when they are up. Also, I will try to update more often. I am gonna try to set something up where everyone should be able to get the live videos I have of them in Italy. I also need a bunch of them so I'm hoping Arne will hook me up, then people will be able to get the videos. Should be sweet. Anywho, bye for now!
Noember 23, 2003
I found out today that the Caddies did a Split EP with Flashlight Brown. It was put out by Double A Records. It featured 'Falling Down' and 'Days Away.'

I coulnd't believe my eyes when I saw that Arne had pictures from the march show in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(where I live). Go to The Gentleman and then go to the Pics page and then go down to the "ottowa......" pics.

As well, I found some sweet pictures from March 20th, 2002, @ Flamingo Cantina, in (im not sure if this is where it was, but who cares) Austin, Texas.
go here for pics
Noember 19, 2003
So, it's 5:30 in the morning. I am not going to bed tonight. fuckin school work! Anywho, the main page has reached 10,000 hits. Now, that is cool, but it means absolutely nothing. What if you come to every other page except for the main page. Well, it won't get counted. So, it is totally inaccurate. Ah well. I have a Cads fan in France (i think) who is currently working on the bass tab for Sad Reggie. It should be about a week before it is posted. I guess that is all for now. P EA CE
Noember 16, 2003
Dan Gasser, trumpeter for my band(Thursday Night), has tabbed out Leavin for Trumpet.
Leavin Trumpet Tab
September 28, 2003
I have added some of my tabs to and
September 26, 2003
New tabs added.

All American Badass
Weird Beard
September 01, 2003
Welcome to September. My birthday is in 6 more days.

There are some really cool live videos for weird beard, monkeys, 10 west, leavin, and falling down. however, you'll have to join the mad caddies message board to have access to these. join msg board
August 08, 2003
Went to Warped Tour last week and saw the Caddies among many others...they played some different stuff this time which surprised us. They played Drinking For 11, Silence, Leavin, Weird Beard, The Gentleman, The Belltower, Monkeys, and possibly a few others but I just got up not even 5 minutes ago so I don't even know what's going on....zzzzzz....SEE THEM AT WARPED! I don't know when the last date is for Warped but get your ass out there and in the pit !
July 12, 2003
Been a while folks, eh? well, i did a little interview with chuck's parents. cool huh? well, follow this link to read the interview.
June 11, 2003
OK, I have Day by Day done for bass BUT, there are a few little things about it pissing me off that I can't get like the crazy run in the INTRO and the ENDING for some, i'll correct it when I get it.
June 11, 2003
I'm working on the bass tab for Day By Day. Also, I corrected the 'down-the-scale' run in rockupation for bass and axe. go here for tabs

Oh and i realized the preppy girl tab was horrible so i redid it. right here!
June 10, 2003
I tabbed out Just One More for Bass! go here

Since I couldn't really figure out Day By Day on guitar here is A.J.'s Day By Day tab.
June 08, 2003
I tabbed out Betty for bass! betty: bass
June 07, 2003

Rockupation: guitar
Rockupation: bass
Spare Change: bass
Game Show: bass

I am going tab crazy! I am going to try to do spare change on guitar but i might need help with some minor chords.
June 04, 2003

Drinking For 11: guitar tab
Contraband: bass tab
Silence: guitar tab
June 03, 2003
Game Show guitar tab is here.
i did it all by my lonesome. *sniff* just like all the rest...argh matey! go here to start learning how to be a mad caddie !
May 01, 2003
Welcome to May, yay! 2 new updates to tabs already here. Good Intentions on guitar got revamped and All American Badass for bass
go here for the tabs
April 30, 2003
I recently joined the shit chat over at I never realized how addicting a message board could be. I love it.

I found a funky little picture of Chuck and his family. What a bunch! His sister looks rather good looking, mind you she needs to lose the funny teeth.
click here for chuck's family pic
April 27, 2003
Holy hell it is true! There IS a video for leavin. My guitarist saw it on Much Music here in Canada. If you get Much Music, watch 'The Wedge' on Friday nights. E-mail or call in and request it if ya gotta.

Our guitarist, Ron, got kicked outta Liquor Dome last night for being too trashed. lol
April 14, 2003
Hey hey hey. I updated the bass tab for silence. Now it's a lot more right. It was right before but I had some typos I missed.
Silence - updated bass tab
April 03, 2003
Hey there fellow caddie lovers. Wanna play along with the songs and pretend you're the caddies? Wanna go on MTV and BECOME the Mad Caddies? let's all try to be like them. yay. here's a start. learn to play some songs i just tabbed out.

Drinking for 11 - guitar tab
Silence - bass tab
March 21, 2003
just got the pic scanned by a friend. thanx vic. it's 5 of the 7 of our band with ed sascha and mark from the caddies as well as the drummer for real mckenzies and our friend sam francis.

back row: Mark, drummer from Real Mckenzies, Ed, Sascha, Ron, Sam
front row: Jenna, Me, Carolyn, and my best friend Chris(goose)
March 21, 2003
Guitar Tab for aPathetic is here
March 20, 2003
I got off my lazy ass and typed out all the lyrics for Just One More besides Good Intentions cuz it's not in the booklet. I'll do it eventually but right now all i have is everything else so why not put it up. Just One More Lyrics

as well, the correct bass tab for Weird Beard is
March 18, 2003
small small update to wet dog guitar tab. harmonics were fixed by the ronsauce. wet dog - guitar
March 17, 2003
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! It's days like these I'm proud to be Irish. And if you aren't Irish, you are for today! Drink some green beer for me!

contraband guitar tab
March 16, 2003
Our tumpeter was nice enough to tab out the CORRECT trumpet tab for Falling Down with the solo as well! Check it out here
March 15, 2003
all i have to say is "OH MY GOD!"...we drank with the mad caddies after the show on thursday! how fuckin sweet is that to drink with your favourite band. they were so cool. mark was the shit and my fave(a bass player thing). keith was awesome too. the 2 girls i was with were in love with him. they played an awesome set and played 2 or 3 of the new songs. you can expect to hear villains and last breath most likely at the show. and they played around with preppy girl and you wont recognize it at all at the start. oh, when we were about to cross the street to go to the royal oak, some guy that sascha knew came up to him and said "you owe todd bigtime". what happened was that some kid had grabbed sascha's les paul and started walking away with it out back where they were loading the instruments up and luckily this guy todd, who i think is in one of the 2 opening bands, saw the kid and snagged it back. that is an expensive, very nice guitar, and sascha is very lucky to still have it. i would have been pissed! I asked some questions about random things to some of the guys and here are a few of the answers for ya:

Why the mohawks?
well, it was sascha's birthday over in europe and they just did it on a whim, no reason. of course, ed didnt't do it if you haven't noticed already.

Who is the girl singing in the s.o.s chorus?
It was Keith's ex-girlfriend. she was really good

What are the lyrics in the belltower right before the chorus?
"you can have my body but don't let my spirit die"

What are the background lyrics in cup o tea?
They weren't sure of the first line but the rest go like this:
chuck your custard
i really hate horns
mark likes kiddie porn

Will Sweet Action ever release a full length album?
NO !

March 13, 2003
So, Mad Caddies play in Ottawa tonight....I could care less about it....heh.....okay I haven't been this excited since little suzie asked me to go to the junior prom with me ! It's gonna be fackin amazing as always ! As promised, I am putting up the new tabs I have today for all you musical geniuses...Go to the tabs page and find all the new songs..

Also, the brand new mad caddies site is up and running. better than the last for sure.
March 04, 2003
Happy March ya fackers!

I have a few more tabs for y'all! So far, from the new album myself and Aaron Allison have tabbed out...

Last Breath - bass
Last Breath - guitar
Villains - bass
Wet Dog - guitar
Wet Dog - bass
Riot - guitar
Riot - bass
Rockupation - guitar
Leavin - guitar
Leavin - bass
Good Intentions - guitar
February 20, 2003
Hey kiddies! We're almost there! Just One More is out in a few weeks. How awesome is that? I must admit, I have the songs already(all of em thats for sure), and I found them off Kazaa...but rest assured, I'm buying the CD 2 days after it is released when I have the pleasure of seeing the caddies for the 3rd time in my skankin life....and I hope the rest of you guys buy the cd! It's wicked! I had the highest expectations in the world out of all of you after waiting for sooo long for a new album. And when I first heard it, I was disappointed and thought it was their worst stuff to date....but that's only because my expections were well, let's just say a smidgeon too high...but now that I have heard it numerous times, I am totally in love with it and would say it's their best stuff yet. I have noticed that Keith and Mark have gotten so much better.... it blows my mind. Also, the rest of the band has gotten amazing as well, and I am quite happy with Brian's drumming. But Keith and Mark I give props to for rising so much higher than before. I am in love with Last Breath. What a damn wicked song. Kind of like falling down but a bit faster and not as serious...

I have taken the liberty of tabbing out a few songs already... Last Breath of course cuz it's so facking amazing, Rockupation, and Good Intentions. I am also workin on Day By Day and another but I can't think of what the hell it is right now.....the thing is, I am not lettin you see the tabs until the album comes out! heh heh how evil of me. tsk tsk, spanky....but don't worry they'll be up within a few days of the release date of March 11th.

One last thing before I leave ya for tonight...the new official site should be up by tomorrow...let us hope... it will still be the same address, but there will be a new look to the site...
February 03, 2003
It's 2:30 in the morning and everything sux.. so i'm updating the site. There are some tabs which I can't even believe I have up yet. For example, the tabs for leavin. I even did the bass tab myself and corrected the guitar tabs, which still need more fixing. SO! here are the new tabs...

booze cruise(guitar)
depleted salvo(updated)
sumthin wrong(guitar)

It's now 3:00 in the morning...and im finally done. lates! yes, i said lates!
January 15, 2003
Hello again...lots of new things to add. A new message from the official site:

New Album-New Website-New Tour The new album titled "Just One More" will be released on March 11th. We will be touring for the next year or more. We start touring on Feb. 21st headlining the US/Canada Fat Wreck Chords Tour. We will also be Headlining The European Fat Tour mid April throughout May. A new website is in the works and will be launched by Feb 21st..

For info on the tour go here
January 09, 2003
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2003! If you haven't yet heard Leavin', get it! And I have the bass tabs and the guitar tabs as well. I tabbed out the bass tabs for y'all, and I updated the guitar tabs a bit. For the tabs, go here.
December 09, 2002
Long time, no update! I've been here at Algonquin College for the last few months learning nothing...I haven't found too much for my site the last few months and I've never thought of doing anything to the site. I get wrapped up in other things now. However, I am adding some stuff for sure right now. And I shall try to keep it up regularly.

From the official site: "Tour Update Keith broke his two front teeth while rocking his trumpet. The dentist says it will be at least 3 weeks till he can play so we will be postponing our Reno, Tahoe, Orangevale, and Santa Barbara shows. We will try and make them up in January."

More tabs posted.
Easy Cheese Bass Tab
We'll Start To Worry...Guitar Tab
September 20, 2002
Another quote from the official site. "San Francisco Fun Hey there dudes and dudettes, so we are now here in the foggy bay recording our new album and lots of neat stuff has happened! Chuck bought a mountain bike for $16 from a crack head (sorry to the former owner) and also saw a shark with its head bitten off while surfing. No one believed Brian after telling us a tale of sighting a herd of sheep and goats in the heart of downtown S.F. but Sascha later confirmed the rumor to be true. Ed has been seen performing at a small club in the castro district in between horn sessions entertaining crowds with his best rendition of a latin Cher! Stories of Keith and Mark involving El Salvadorean cuisine a dark alley and a $10 friend have been making there way back to the studio. So over all, we are having a great time! More later, Chuckles Von Buckles "
September 05, 2002
Another quote from the official site. "Moving right along...Mad Caddies are officially recording a new record as of this week at Motor studios in SF. As Mark questions about the new record here ...Also be sure to check out it kicks way more ass than!"

college sucks.

saw voodoo glow skulls and suicide machines and groovie ghoulies on the weekend. All 3 were fuckin amazing shows. wicked pits too. got the scars to prove it. check them all out now !!!! later.
August 16, 2002
2 new updated tabs! One shot for bass here and road rash for guitar here

These tabs are 100% correct as opposed to the older tabs which were less than perfect. Have fun, skankers!
August 16, 2002
2 new tabs! Easy Cheese for guitar and Destro for bass go here for all tabs.

Heading down to Toronto (T Dot) tonight for the Warped Tour tomorrow. Too bad the Cads aren't there. And too bad NoFx dropped off as well as The MM Bosstones. fackweeds.
July 29, 2002
Another new pics page for ya of 3 pics from the 98 Vans Warped Tour. dunno where it was but go here
July 25, 2002
Lots of new shit for y'all. Page of pics from the 2002 Deconstruction Tour located here

I put up the essay my best friend Goose wrote for his 5th English class in grade 12. It is locomocated here... essay
July 21, 2002
I added a page of pics from a 2001 show at Irving Plaza in New York City. go here
July 18, 2002
Holy Shat! It's been a while! You know what I realized about this site ? It has 98 tabs. This is the place for mad caddies tabs baby!

July 05, 2002
I added a new pics page. It's a show in Italy at the Babylonia in Biella. Not sure of the year but Carter was still in the band when this occurred. go here
July 03, 2002
Medium Unwell for bass has been updated by me.

Tomorrow, I'll put up the Deconstruction Tour 2002 pics that Mattieu Gaudet sent me.
July 02, 2002
The guitar tab for Medium Unwell ahs been sitting on my computer for so long but i just realized it wasn't up. *DUH* The chorus notes are missing but all you have to do is look at the bass tabs. same notes, just play a power chord over it. Anywho, here it is med unwell

As well, bass and guitar tabs for chevy novacaine are coming probably within a week hopefully.
July 01, 2002
Happy birthday Canada !!!!


i tried to write you back but hotmail told me your storage was full and i couldn't send anything. :( so write me again and tell me about the stuff you have that I could use.
June 30, 2002
Happy birthday to my dad! 50 yrs old. A fellow by the name of Matthieu Gaudet sent me the guitar tabs to Sad Reggie. right here
I should have the tabs to chevy novacaine soon too.

Here's a little something from the official site.. "No News Is Good News!!! "What's the deal?! No updates, no content! This website sucks!" We know, we are just lazy bastards and never update anything...Deconstruction Tour was KICK ASS, we will be in the studio (actually the garage) for the summer recording, the record will be out this winter. Any other questions, comments or suggestions?"
June 06, 2002
I found a Falling Down trumpet tab. I'm not sure if the whole song is there, but the intro and some other parts are there. go ahead, take a peek.
June 05, 2002
Happy Birthday Chris Cameron! Medium Unwell Trumpet tab is up! ici, mes amis

Also, S.O.S. for bass I just tabbed out. go here

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